Tasks & Achievements

DUTIES of the Egyptian Documentation and Information Center for Agriculture(EDICA):

  • Collect, process, establish and maintain Egyptian agricultural bibliographic databases with a view to integrating national databases with international agricultural information systems and contribute to local, regional and international agricultural information systems.

  • Represent the agricultural sector at the Egyptian National Scientific and Technical Information Network (ENSTINET) of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).

  • Provide agricultural information services from local, regional and international sources to Egyptian users in various domains of agriculture, food and environment to augment the agricultural development plan to attain higher levels of agricultural income efficiency which represent a significant pillar in the national economy.

  • Quality control of data introduced into the Near East Regional Agricultural Knowledge Information Network (NERAKIN) and applying international standards on the National Agricultural Information Management System (NARIMS).

  • Represent the Egyptian part in the Current Agricultural Information System (CARIS), which is an international cooperative information system entrusted with the collection, processing and dissemination of information on research activities in developing countries. EDICA has contributed in applying this system at the level of agricultural research projects.

  • Represent the Egyptian part in AGRIS (the International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology), where EDICA monitors, collects and process the Egyptian agricultural literature in its various types and forms, hence it conveys them in the form of bibliographic data to the AGRIS Central Processing Unit at FAO, which in turn integrates them with data input from world AGRIS resource centers to form the International agricultural database.