Following the creation of the Foreign Agricultural Relations and according to the ministerial decree released on the 7th of August 1963, the Ex Afro Asian Training Center has initiated its operations in January 1965; which has then been converted into the EgyptianInternationalCenter for Agriculture (EICA) in June 1973.

The Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA) is one of the renowned international training centers that receives foreign delegates from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, also delegates from Arab countries and Commonwealth countries (the recently separated Islamic countries from the Ex Soviet Union). Its objective is to promote human resources development of the technical cadre and assisting staff of the agricultural sector with a mission to improve and upgrade plant and animal productivity in those countries.

The Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA) is the unique authority at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture authorized to prepare, plan implement and supervise training programs to foreign delegates, also authorized to undertake necessary measures to delegate Egyptian candidates from the agricultural sector for training abroad or to acquire academic degrees.

The Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA) is furnished with a number of highly equipped up-to-date training halls (four halls), including audio visual aids and internal audio system, every hall is furnished with simultaneous translation cabins from English to French and Spanish languages to communicate lectures to the delegates, they are also furnished with simultaneous and spontaneous translation services during their field visits. EICA designates selected lecturers from Egyptian universities and research institutions.

The structure of EICA includes the following departments:

  1. Department of Regular Programs
  2. Department of Special Programs
  3. Department of Joint Programs
  4. Department of Orientation Programs
  5. Department of Programs' Services
  6. Department of External Training and Scholarships
  7. Department of Programs' Evaluation
  8. Department of Programs' Planning
  9. Library Department
  10. Department of External Communication
  11. Department of Delegates and Participants
  12. Computer Department
  13. Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs