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Authorities participating in the project of establishing joint farms in Africa:
- On identifying the implementation mechanisms of the project, a general budget was approved for investment to establish joint farms within the appropriations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Egyptian Fund for Technical Assistance with Africa). As the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation started in coordination with (MFA) to identify countries' priorities and takes the executive measures of the project giving special care for Nile Basin Countries.
- By the second millennium, the financial allocations for investment in Africa were transferred from MFA to General Cabinet of MALR within a five-year investment plan starting from 2003 – 2007. The priorities of African countries in establishing farms were identified in full coordination with MFA.
- Seventeen African countries expressed their desire to set up joint Egyptian farm on their lands, MFA has identified states priorities as follows:
First: Uganda - Tanzania – Zanzibar
Second: Ethiopia - Kenya - Zambia
Third: Senegal- Cameron - Comoro Islands
As for the rest of desired countries include: Mali – Gabon – Middle Africa – Congo Brazzaville – Burundi - Swaziland – Namibia – Mauritania.
A high committee was formulated to follow up farms' implementation according to the priorities and commitments of both sides. This committee includes representatives of Ministries concerned such as:
- Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
- Ministry of International Cooperation
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Egyptian Fund for Technical Assistance with Africa

Ended Projects:
* Establishing a model Egyptian joint farmin Niger:
An agreement on establishing the farm was signed in 1997 and valid for ten years. The said farm was established on a surface of 200 hectares lying on Niger's river. Establishment procedures began with finance from maize unit, Field Crops Research Institute, (ARC). Then, its
subordination was transferred to African Joint Farms establishing committee in MOA.
This farm has achieved good results in the fields of agricultural production (field crops & animal production), pasture cultivation (cultivation of grazing lands), in addition to research and extension fields.

Current Projects:
· Establishment of an Egyptian joint model farm in Zambia.

According to the meeting minutes signed by Egypt and Zambia in 1998, it was agreed upon establishing the farm with National Service Organization in "Chansania". The director of the farm and the assistant director for agricultural mechanization traveled to Zambia, the required machineries and tools were also delivered in 2004.
Zambian side has requested to transfer the project’s subordination to the Ministry of Interior in Zambia (Prison department) , and to identify a new site for the project. The Zambian request was accepted, and an Egyptian-Zambian agreement was signed during high committee meeting headed by Foreign Ministers of both countries in May 2006. This agreement is valid only for five years.
The said farm is basically concerned with strategic crops cultivation especially fodder maize besides animal breeding.

· Establishment of Egyptian joint model farm in Zanzibar
The relevant agreement of establishing vegetables farm in December, 2003 was set up on 70 hectares in Bamby city.
In May, 2005 a specialized Egyptian delegation traveled to Zanzibar in order to inspect and sign the minutes of the farm location receipt. Therefore, the farm director and the assistant director for agricultural mechanization have traveled as well as the shipment of machinery and equipment required for operation
The farm is currently achieved significant success and an echo to officials in Zanzibar.

Cooperation with the River Nile Basin Countries:
Is still considered the Egyptian side is still considering the application presented from the River Nile Basin countries in which they express their desire to establish pilot joint farms of a huge investment finance,
by the Egyptian private sector either through investment companies or Egyptian investors interested in this respect and in accordance with the regulations, investment and economic laws of those States.
According to the Egyptian side point of view, that Egypt can realize presence in the River Nile Basin countries for the time being by strengthening and intensifying bilateral cooperation by offering technical, technological, training and guidance assistance, for the african brothers in the River Nile Basin countries.
Yumbe in Uganda has already been gifted some machinery , equipment and mechanical spare parts to assist the state farmers to increase their agricultural production, it was also delegated an Egyptian expert in the field of agricultural mechanization for training the cadres in Yumbe on operation (monitoring)and maintenance.