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Project Background
All indications ensure that historical, political and religious relations between Egypt and African countries may have a great economic effect if properly used. Egypt enjoys a distinguished position on the African level concerning the economic value, scientific and technological progress appropriate for African countries in addition to the competitive advantage of the national Egyptian product exported to the African extensive markets, as exportation is considered the leader for economic development.
During the recent few years a conscious attention was observed towards African Continent in various fields. The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has the precedence in this respect. The idea of establishing joint model farms emerged from several African countries, while the (MOA) undertakes providing African countries in general and COMESA countries in particular with Egyptian agricultural expertise necessary for adequate benefit from agricultural wealth to realize enjoying production savings and agricultural productive specialization with the presence of comparative advantages of African countries. This will enhance competitive ability of the African countries’ products and participate in increasing economic development rates.

The Main Objectives of the Project:
1- Realization of Egyptian presence in the African countries, which results in enhancing political, economic and inter-trade between Egypt and African Countries within the frame of African Union Organization & COMESA membership.
2- Marketing Egyptian products having competitive advantage in the African markets
3- Advertisement for agricultural production requirements (agricultural machineries, seeds, fertilizers…) produced in Egypt and used in joint farms to promote exportation to
African countries, as the farms are considered permanent Exhibitions displaying Egyptian scientific and technological progress in the field of agriculture.
4- Exportation of Egyptian food industries to African countries so that Egypt becomes a regional center for food industries during the coming period in order to meet the needs of
African countries’ wide market, together with the increase of competitive ability concerning the quality and price.
5- Egypt obtains raw materials necessary for Egyptian industry and agriculture from African countries.
6- Provide working opportunities for Egyptian graduates in Africa

In order to achieve the Project’s objectives on the political, economical and commercial level, there is a complete cooperation and coordination between state organs concerned (Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of International Cooperation – Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa)

The project of Establishment an Egyptian Joint farms in African countries is specialized in the following items to attain its objectives:

  • Carrying out the joint agricultural researches to increase the various agricultural productions in African countries for the benefit of all parties.

  • Transferring the appropriate technologies and disseminating it on a wide scale through offering training programs, extension seminars for staff and farmers.

  • Developing human resource in rural areas in African countries while working to educate rural women.

  • Encouraging Egyptian businessmen to exploit the available opportunities for investment in African continent.