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A Decree has been taken to establish the Egyptian Liaison Focal Point for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Enquiries and Notifications (SPS) in conformity to the principal of transparency ensured by the SPS agreement, as being one of the most significant agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerned with the application of respective systems for food safety and animal and plant sanitary measures, in which concerned members in every country shall apply the agreement's obligations to ensure the smooth flow of agricultural goods.
The World Trade Point shall in principal take the role of coordinator between the WTO Secretariat and the entire members at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and other respective ministries and also private sector within an integrated performance mechanism.
General objectives of the Egyptian Focal Point:

  1. Ensure the dissemination of awareness to comply with the provisions of SPS agreement by improving the quality of agricultural goods and accordingly increasing the volume of Egyptian exports.
  2. Creating a database for the private sector whether exporters or importers for the fulfillment of connection between the government sector and the private sector.
  3. Creating a database for the Egyptian legislations and laws that regulates the incoming and outgoing of agricultural crops and products from and into Egypt.
  4. Creating a database for the international and regional organizations in which Egypt is a member, and attaching the Egyptian papers submitted during the regular meetings of such organizations.
  5. Becoming acquainted with the rules, conditions and technical specifications of agricultural products and crops of the countries to which Egypt exports.
  6. Organizing seminars and workshops to exporters and importers to provide them with necessary information in this respect.

The Egyptian Enquiry Point is administratively affiliated to the European Cooperation Department of the Foreign Agricultural Relations; it aims to take an axis role in linking together the four sides of exportation and importation in Egypt, they include:

  1. Governmental entities concerned with exporting and importing of goods affecting human, animal and plant health, represented by (the General Authority of Veterinary Services; Central Administration of Agricultural Quarantine; Central Lab of Pesticides, Agricultural Research Center; Ministry of Health; General Authority for the Control of Exports and Imports).
  2. Private sector which is concerned with the two processes of exporting and importing.
  3. The World Trade Organization (WTO) as a regulating agency of trade movement around the world.
  4. Member states at the WTO whether they are exporting or importing to and from Egypt.