Based on its work nature, the (self-funded) Bureau of French Egyptian Agriculture Cooperation was established under the direct authority of the Foreign Agricultural Relations in 1983.
is considered to be the representative of France within the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture with its innovative performance . 

to provide information and technical data; v  to support the forms of partnership and communication between economic partners from both sides  to identify projects to be financed, taking into account the request of Egypt and the French offer   to follow-up and implement of the projects as well as the agreements and contracts, which contributes to the continuity of the results and effectiveness of projects.

The success of the BLAFE has already last for almost 25 years (1983-2005), during which the Bureau has managed more than 150 projects being funded from the French Food Aid Counterpart Fund, with total amount of ABOUT LE 400 million in various areas of agricultural development and in almost all over the country, reflecting by that the diversity of the development requirements.
On the last meeting of the French- Egyptian coordination committee, it's approved to finance number of projects. The most important approved are as follows:

Establishing Extension Center for milk collection with an amount of L.E. 15.536.552 for a period of 5 years. The Animal Production Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in participating with the French Institute for Animal Breeding are responsible for carrying out the project.  
The Integrated Study for Collecting Data through CIAP in the land of the Delta and the Valley. The project is financed through a joint- fund from French European FACF by an amount estimated at L.E. 15.2 million (LE 3 million from French FACF and the rest is from European Food Aid Counterpart Fund). The project is implemented through the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC), Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in cooperation with IGN France International under the supervision of the President of Agricultural Research Center.