1. Reinforce the establishment of collaborative relationships between the Egyptian

Ministry of Agriculture and UN agencies and international organizations, institutions and agencies working in the domain of agriculture and the provision of necessary available information on the agricultural sector in Egypt to such agencies.

2. Attendance of international conferences, committees, sessions and meetings held by UN agencies in Rome such as the FAO General Conference, the FAO Council and the Governors' Council of IFAD.

3. Cooperate with FAO to implement its activities in Egypt and forwarding any agreements or reports concerning the execution of such activities to the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture to take necessary actions.

Egypt enjoys membership in a number of FAO committees as follows:

  • A member in the Presidential and Executive Councils of the Global Genetic Resource Treaty.

  • A member in the Assessment Mission of the role of FAO to combat bird flue.

  • A member in the Agro systems Expert Group.

  • A member in the Council Committee entrusted with in-house and external assessment of the Organization.

4. Cooperate with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to implement a number of projects financed by the loans and grants provided by the Fund, and forward respective reports to concerned authorities at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.

5. Participate in attending meetings of the World Food Program (WFP) and follow up joint cooperation programs implemented all over Egypt.