The office always sends to the Ministry all the results of these conferences, symposiums and meetings which is sharing in developing the agricultural sector in Egypt .

  • Presenting lectures to explain the agricultural issues, achievements and challenges which are facing the Egyptian agriculture as well as the agricultural relations between Egypt and United States of America.

  • Attending the periodical meetings for developing the performance of Food Fund Committee, Regional Office of FAO. Arranging meetings between the Egyptian authorities and their counterparts in USA and the various research organizations as well as following up the consequences of these meetings.

  • Following up the most important recommendations, declarations and decisions issued by USA government and the congress that related to the agricultural sector in Egypt.

  • Sending to MOA and the Egyptian research organizations the publications and statistics which are issued by USA Ministry of Agriculture and following up the inquires and questions requested by the Egyptian researchers. Organizing visits to Egypt for the American authorities to present their experiences and exchanging their point of views with the Egyptian counterparts.