The said administration includes five specialized departments as the following:
1- Department of the International Economic Studies
Specialized in:

  • Follow-up the international economics status quo and linkage with the local and regional economic changes and global agricultural production trends to be analysed under the regional and international trading organisations.

  • Conduct the international economic studies Compased between Egypt and the World corintries in connection with crops to make illustration on how to tackle with obstacles and constraims that face crops promation.

  • Collect tabulate, analyse and publish the agricultaral information on the world countries in connection with their agriculatural production possibilities, consumption volume and to prepare sxpectation on the production and consumption progress of the agricultural inputs and outputs in these cointries.

  • Conduct economic studies on some agricultural obstacles in Egypt and the other countries to recognise the means and tools which these countries follow to face and to be bercefited in Egypt.

  • Participation in following and implementing the items of the agricultural agreement in the world trad Organisation (WTO) in connection with raising bans on importing and wxporting the agricultural produces and the value of tariffs reductionaccording to the agreement and providing the concesned officials at the ministry of agriculture with these information and studying the impacts on the future agricultural policy.

2- Department of the External Agricultural Information:
Specialysed in:

  • External information on the ministry activity in the international field and on the agricultural projects which are carried out with the foreign countries through the issued puplications.

  • Provide information concerned with using technologe in the field of agriculture and land reclamation in the world countries.

  • Publications issuance on the most up to date agricultural events and activities in Egypt in English, French and Spanish langughes to make the world cognitive.

  • Periodical issuance in Arabic on the most important research and agricultural experiemsnts in the world to acquaint the researches in Egypt to be benefited in Egypt.

  • Editing the agricultural information through visual andauditivmeadia( television,radio,cinema,pasters ).

3- Department of the International Economic Agreements
Specialized in:

  • Preparing studies on the markets of the world economic blocs and the international agreements ( WOT – Partenership – Arab markets…etc) to define Egypt needs from the agricultural commodities in variaus seasons to measure the fields of the world competetion and how to access these makets.

  • Preparing publication on the world counteries as economic indicators to help the enoys abrood.

  • Collecting data and information periodically on the agricultural commodities prices in the world markets and conduct studies on the future expections for these prices and the expected change sation in the agricultural imported commodities to help decision makers in planning the economic policies to face these changes.

  • Participation in following up implementing the articles of WTO agreement and preparing the economic reports concerning abolishment of supporting the agricultural products exporting and the factors affecting on the world trade movement between Egypt and the world, also preparing repots on support reduction programs. The department participates in following up implementing the items of WTO agreement dealing with the intellectual properties rights in the field of the agricultural research.

  • Prepare periodical economic reports on the procedures are taken to face any commercial lawswt between Egypt and other country in WTO concerning agricultural policy.

4- Department of Studies Follow – up and Evaluation
Specialized in:

  • Facilitate and follow-up the procedurs to provide financing the studies and information publications and provide operation requirements necessary to issuance,publishing,distribution,subscription,printing publications and studies to be distributed through cooperation with the concerned bodies at the ministry and others.

  • Evaluate the economic studies and the periodicals impacts on the agricultural polycies and follow-up any recommendations or proposals achieves to improve performance.

5- Department of Translation and Publising
Specialized in:

  • Translation the agricultural and economic subjects included in foreign magasines and newspapers from English,French and Spanish to Arabic and reformmulte them in reports to be submilted to the senior officals at the ministry to acquaint with most up date agricultural information.

  • Receiving the comments and the answers on the said reports from the senior officals and collecting them in filles.

  • Translating the agricultural activities in Egypt from Arabic to English, French and Spanish these reports to the concerned embassies and the international organisation.

  • Reviewing all the articles and reports in the foreign newspaper to be translated and submitting on the minister of agriculrure in Egypt.