African Development Bank Group

The African Development Bank (AfDB), which was established in 1964, is greatly contributing to the continued support of socioeconomic development and helping to reduce poverty and improve living conditions for the Bank's member states which covers 53 African countries and 24 non African.
The relation of the African Development Bank with Egypt
The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has initiated its lending operations in Egypt in 1974, where it has agreed to execute 45 lending operations by the end of November 2004. They include implementing 32 projects, ensuring 7 credit lines, conducting 3 feasibility studies, implementing 2 institutional capacity building projects and one loan for political purposes.
It maybe stated that with respect to the public sector, the lending operations which were released by the group were broken down as follows:
Electricity sector (53%), industry (21%), social sector (11%), agriculture and rural development (10%), other various sectors (5%), also one feasibility study was financed in the transportation sector.
The strategy of the African Development Bank (2006/ 2009)
The strategy of the Bank during 2006/ 2007 does not include any projects dedicated to the Egyptian agricultural sector, as newly implemented projects financed by the grants and loans from the bank have been directed by the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation to sectors capable to reimburse loans encumbrances, in spite of the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture is a service institution and the outcome of its projects reflects on the national economy. The Bank is presently conducting a study to implement projects for the water sector, which will be financed by the Initiative of the African Water Facility in collaboration with the African Development Bank and the World Environmental Organization.
The African Development Bank along with its affiliated Fund has contributed to finance a number of projects in the agricultural sector. Some of those presently implemented projects include:

  1. Support of Women Economic Activities in New Lands.
  2. Behaira Rural Development Project Phase II.
  3. The Emergency Grant to Confront Bird Flue.