• Conducts all operations of communication with regional and international financing funds providing loans and grants in various domains of agriculture and serving the respective development strategies that are generated by the Ministry of Agriculture to be accomplished in reality.
  • Contributes in the preparation of diagnosis programs, identification of apt areas for investment, and areas of agricultural development in need of external finance.
  • Conducts essential contacts with Ministries concerned with the clearance of loan agreements that are provided by regional and international funds to implement agricultural based projects (Ministry of International Cooperation, Ministry of Economic Development) so as to complete all necessary procedures with respect to the preparation and formulation of project proposals and integrating them with the general national plan, then following up the agreement signing and commencing its implementation.
  • Attempts to coordinate with all concerned and beneficiary bodies, in following up implementation operations of various projects with the management of those projects and overcome impediments that face their implementation, with a view to accomplish the maximum possible return out of the execution of those projects.
  • Full coordination between the inter Ministerial concerned bodies at one part and projects' executing bodies in the entire governorates of Egypt at the other part, through the IFAD Management and Operations Executive Office, thus assisting in directing grants and loans to accomplish development objectives within the Egyptian agricultural sector.
  • Accompanying missions from the World Bank and regional and international financing funds in their visits to project sites and respective government authorities implementing such projects.