European Affairs Dept.

Undertake the management of European cooperation - as one of the departments of the General Department of International Relations, Foreign Agricultural Relations - carry out their mandate to promote and coordinate agricultural cooperation with the countries of the European continent, and in coordination with the European embassies in Egypt and Egyptian embassies in Europe, especially in the field of sustainable agricultural development.

This is done through the conclusion of agreements and memorandums of understanding international and bilateral side - the representation of Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation of and attend meetings of joint committees for agricultural technical cooperation, economic and scientific differentiated, which is being held by the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with follow-up action Executive of the final minutes of the meetings of those committees, and has been agreed upon - the preparation and implementation of programs of technical cooperation and exchange of agricultural - to supervise the implementation of projects, loans and grants and technical cooperation projects, in coordination with the relevant technical ministry and the Agricultural Research Center - take over the interview and accompany the delegations of visitors from Europe.

In addition to these tasks The Department of European cooperation the following tasks:

  • prepare for and attend the coordinating committees of all European projects implemented in the field of agriculture, and record the minutes of meetings of those committees for submission to the concerned ministry.
  • prepare for and participate in meetings on the Convention on the SPS and the European Partnership Agreement and the Convention on twinning with European Union countries and global trade agreement, while working to remove barriers that impede the permeability of the Egyptian exports was to Europe.
  • do all the work of the Egyptian point of contact for inquiries and notifications of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee of the Department, under the Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary as one of the most important agreements of the WTO.
  • Follow up the implementation of free trade agreements with the European institutions and bodies such as the EFTA agreement.