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Dept. of U.S. Agency for International Development

The External Secondments, Missions and International Exhibition Department has been created in accordance to the Ministerial decree number 199 dated 28-4-1980, which has defined its main and branch structures at the Ministry's Office and designating its terms of reference within the organization of the General Department of International Relations under the Central Administration of Foreign Agricultural Relations.
Main Terms of Reference

  • Performing all respective measures concerning the nomination for external missions delegated by the Ministry on non international conference events, and following up the findings of the delegate's submitted reports in coordination with the Documentation and Information Center.
  • In charge of all affairs of recruited seconded staff via foreign governments, international agencies and special contracts, concerning their nominations, extension and termination of their secondment, following up their external activities and coordinating between recruited staff at their work abroad and their original authorities our embassies and consular offices abroad.
  • Organizing the participation of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture to foreign exhibitions whether they are international fairs or Egyptian products fairs abroad, including clearance of all respective measures of subscription into those exhibitions.

The Department includes three sections:

1.Foreign Secondment Section:

It's concerned with government secondment to foreign and international agencies besides personal secondment of agriculturalists, researchers, clerics and assisting categories at the agricultural sector level through personal contracts or government secondment.
2.External Missions Section:
It's concerned with contacting the Documentation and Information Center to register travel data of delegates traveling to external missions to release their respective travel decrees, the delegates would thus submit mission reports after the mission is concluded, the section would then abstract those reports to be submitted to HE the Minister and to be sent to respective concerned authorities.
3.International Exhibitions Section:
It's concerned with organizing the participation of the Ministry in foreign exhibitions whether they are international fairs or Egyptian products fairs abroad, which are organized by the General Authority of International Exhibitions and Fairs and the specialized licensed companies and such press institutions as Al-Ahram andAkhbar Al-yum, also international companies and institutions entrusted to organize exhibitions.
The Section performs all such measures related to subscription; commencing from the receipt of invitation, issuing of respective Ministerial travel decrees of representatives, preparation, processing and backing of exhibits and measures of shipment and release of agricultural and veterinary quarantine certificates and duties clearance and other such measures as booking tickets, issuing of passports, visas until ultimately the proper assortment of exhibits.