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Asian & Australian Affairs Dept.

In its capacity as one of the departments affiliated to the General Department of International Relations, the Asian and Australian Affairs Department carries out the assigned tasks with a mission to augment and coordinate agricultural cooperation with the respective countries of the Asian continent, Australia and New Zealand, and in coordination with the Asian Embassies, the Embassy of Australia and the Embassy of New Zealand in Egypt along with the Egyptian Embassies in Asia, Australia and New Zealand particularly in the field of sustainable agricultural development.

This is accomplished by: conducting international and bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding, representing the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation and attendance of various joint committees' meetings on technical, economic and scientific agricultural cooperation held via Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of External Affairs, following up the release of necessary executive measures relevant to the terminal agreed upon minutes, formulating and implementing technical agricultural cooperation and exchange programs, supervising on implementing loans and grants proposals and technical assistance projects in coordination with respective technical authorities at the Ministry and the Agriculture Research Center, undertaking measures of receiving and accompanying of visiting delegations from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Moreover, the Asian and Australian Affairs Department is assigned to carryout the following tasks:

  • Promote cooperation with the Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand by taking advantage of the political and strategic position of Egypt as a gate to the Middle East and Africa to boost the middle trade movement of Egyptian investors.
  • Urging cooperation with the economic blocks, particularly the Group of the Eight Islamic Developing Countries (D-8), and also the Group of the Commonwealth Countries (the Newly Independent Islamic Republics from the former Soviet Union).
  • Partaking coordination with respective authorities concerned with the Asian countries affairs to alleviate impediments that hinder exporting of agricultural products and crops to the Asian continent in light of the mechanisms of the World Trade Organization, and endeavor to lift restrictions on some agricultural commodities in the Asian markets particularly the Egyptian citrus so as to ensure access of such commodities to those wide capacity markets.
  • Tracing relevant agro economic reports released on the Asian countries and transmitting them to counterpart authorities at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Research Center.
  • Transfer of successful Asian experience and research findings in comprehensive development and the causes of poverty alleviation in developing societies similar to Egypt, to the authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture, particularly what have been achieved in the Asian tiger states, China and India of projects aiming at the development of most needy rural communities.
  • Supervise the implementation of various training courses provided by such international agencies as the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Korean International Coop Agency (KOICA), Thai International Coop Agency (TICA), in addition to the training programs provided and implemented by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in the field of agriculture, in conformity with the international cooperation programs of the Asian countries and in coordination with the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of International Cooperation.