Arab Affairs Dept.

In its capacity as one of the departments affiliated to the General Department of International Relations, the Arabian Affairs Department carries out the assigned tasks with a mission to augment and coordinate agricultural cooperation with the respective brotherly Arab countries as part of the effective efforts for the integration of closer collaborative relationships among Arab countries, this is attained in coordination with the Arabian Embassies in Egypt along with the Egyptian Embassies in Arab countries particularly in the field of sustainable agricultural development, alleviation of desertification and land reclamation under poor water recourses in Arab countries.

This is accomplished by: conducting international and bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding, representing the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation and attendance of various joint committees\' meetings on technical, economic and scientific agricultural cooperation held via Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of External Affairs, following up the release of necessary executive measures relevant to the terminal agreed upon minutes, undertaking measures of receiving and accompanying of the Arab visiting delegations.

Moreover, the Arabian Affairs Department is assigned to carryout the following tasks:

  • Promotion of agricultural cooperation with Arab countries particularly due to the distinguished historical status of Egypt among Arab countries and the strong relationships it attempts to foster at all levels specially at the economic sphere out of which agriculture is of prime and crucial interest among Arab countries.
  • Coordination with respective authorities at the Ministry of Agriculture to satisfy the demands of Arab countries, concerning the supply of seeds or seedlings of some agricultural crops, the provision of training programs to technical staff, of those countries, within the framework of cooperation development in various areas of agriculture with brotherly Arab countries and in conformity with the minutes of the joint committees.
  • Coordination is conducted through joint committees between Egypt and some Arab countries to open new markets of some Egyptian commodities in some Arab countries and lifting interdiction imposed on some commodities, for instance the Department has been able to lift the interdiction that was imposed by the Syrian and Jordanian authorities on the exports of Egyptian mango and guava, and also opening the Jordanian market to the Egyptian pasteurized egg product.

There are eight staff members at the Department, in addition to the Director, Eng./ Osama Mandour.