Americas Affairs Dept.

In its capacity as one of the departments affiliated to the General Department of International Relations, the Americas Cooperation Affairs Department carries out the assigned tasks with a mission to augment and coordinate agricultural cooperation with the respective Northern and Southern (Latin) American countries, and in coordination with the Northern American and Latin American  Embassies in Egypt along with the Egyptian Embassies in those countries particularly in the field of sustainable agricultural development.

This is accomplished by: conducting international and bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding, representing the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation and attendance of various joint committees' meetings on technical, economic and scientific agricultural cooperation held via Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of External Affairs, following up the release of necessary executive measures relevant to the terminal agreed upon minutes, formulating and implementing technical agricultural cooperation and exchange programs, reviewing the implementation of loans and grants proposals and technical assistance projects in coordination with respective technical authorities at the Ministry and the Agriculture Research Center, undertaking measures of receiving and accompanying of visiting delegations from North and South America.
Moreover, the Americas Cooperation Affairs Department is assigned to carryout the following tasks:

  • Contacting the Agricultural Attaché and Councilor at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC, USA and his counterpart in Egypt to provide them with agricultural information and data and acting as an instrumental factor in transferring new technology.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of International Cooperation in implementing the projects funded by grants from the US Agency for International Development as follows:
  • o The grant of the strategic target project to improve health and family control.
  • oThe grant of the bird flue control project implemented in five Egyptian governorates in coordination with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  • oImplementing such projects funded within the American line item P 416.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of International Cooperation in implementing the project of "the Establishment of an Extension Model Farm in the New Lands of Egypt" to be jointly financed with a proposed budget of 5.8 LE from the Egyptian Government and 7.7 $ from a granting agency in Canada.