Agro- Investment Office (AIO- Egypt) has been established in 1986 under the auspices of Ministry of Agriculture aiming at promoting agribusiness investment by the private sector.

AIO takes over:

  • Introducing all the facilities needed to the agribusiness men through provision of AIO Data Base- provided information necessary for their projects.
  • following up of implementing GAFI*- agri. investment projects lying under the umbrella of the new Investment Law No. 8, 1997.
  • In- country Question and Answer (Q & A) services by personal interview, phone and E. Mail.
  • offering & displaying the export opportunity and international promotional forums- which firstly interest the Egyptian micro private sector- provided by AIO Internet that holding more than 150 inter. promotional entities (promotion centers, trade points and chambers of commerce).
  • promoting the agribusiness investment potentialities available allover Egypt’s governorates.
  • preparing investment profiles and other promotional materials for potential investors through Arab & foreign promotion centres and Egyptian trade representative offices abroad.
  • Prepare and co-ordinate professional group/country presentations in international trade fairs, especially in Europe.