Acknowledgement With Agricultural Foreign Relations

According to the Ministerial Decree No. 578 issued on October 17th, 1979 concerning the establishment of the organizational structure of the Ministry Of Agriculture, and identification of the general frame of the main administrative office (Ministry’s Chancellery) including creating the Under Secretary of State for Agricultural Foreign Relations (AFR).
The responsibilities of (AFR) were identified and could be summarized as follows:

  • The (AFR) mainly undertake communication affairs and  exchange correspondences between the authorities concerned in the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) with their counterparts in the countries, international and regional organizations interested in agricultural affairs
  • Establishing programs and special projects for international aid in cooperation with the concerned state organizations - such as: International Cooperation Ministry, commercial agencies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs including authorized Egyptian diplomatic missions accredited abroad – in order to develop and support agricultural cooperation relations at all levels.
  • The (AFR) also assumes the responsibilities for observing and following up international economic conditions & their relations with regional changes, as well as analyzing regional and international economic variables and world agricultural production within those variables.