Duties of the General Department of International Relations

  • Undertaking measures to conduct international and bilateral agreements, and following up their implementation in collaboration with the authorities of the country in charge.
  • Representing the Ministry of Agriculture at the entire joint committees for economic, scientific and technical cooperation between Egypt and various countries all over the world.
  • Formulating and implementing technical agricultural cooperation and exchange programs between Egypt and foreign countries.
  • Supervising the formulation, implementation and follow up of loans and grants proposals and the bilateral technical cooperation projects that are provided by the aid agencies to various departments at the Ministry.
  • Undertaking measures to participate at the agricultural sections of international exhibitions and fairs.
  • Supervising over the activities of agricultural representation offices in foreign countries.
  • Undertaking measures of reception, accommodation, itinerary and logistics of foreign visiting delegations.
  • Undertaking charge of foreign missions and recruitment affairs.

The General Department of International Relations includes seven (7) departments in conformity to the ministerial administrative ordinance number 13 in 1991, as follows:

  • Americas Cooperation Affairs Department
  • African Cooperation Affairs Department
  • European Cooperation Affairs Department
  • Asian and Australian Cooperation Affairs Department
  • Arabian Cooperation Affairs Department
  • American Agency of International Development Affairs Department
  • External Recruitments, Missions and International Exhibition Department