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FAR at a Glance

Key Activities
Of the Central Administration for Foreign Agricultural Relations

With a view to attain its objectives, the Central Administration for Foreign Agricultural Relations carries out the following activities:

  • Contribute in the preparation of memorandums of understanding, protocols, international, regional and bilateral agreements in the domain of agricultural cooperation, by taking necessary actions to review them with the Legal Committee of Treaties, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, besides the supervision over implementing their articles in coordination with concerned collaborating partners whether they're governments or international or regional institutions.
  • Preparation of provisional and joint supreme ministerial committees' meetings, besides handling the submission of proposals, and taking necessary actions for the implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the proceedings of such committees' meetings.
  • Supervision over the Agricultural Representation Offices in foreign countries.
  • Perform arrangements of the visits of senior visitors and foreign delegations including high officials, experts and researchers in various agricultural domains and implementing the prepared tour programs.
  • Perform travel arrangements of officials, experts and researchers from the Ministry on the entire agricultural domains, apart from international conferences (missions and external recruitment), in compliance to the minutes of joint committees' meetings.
  • Perform subscription arrangements in international exhibitions and fairs.
  • Perform subscription arrangements in the capacity Egypt in international agricultural conferences and meetings, and the preparation of studies and necessary directives to Egyptian participating delegations.
  • Perform economic bilateral international studies between Egypt and other countries, along with the release economic studies concerning various agricultural problems in Egypt.

Preparation and supervision over the implementation of international and bilateral loans and grants provided tothe agricultural sector.
Preparation, implementation and follow-up of training programs oriented to foreign delegates either through the Egyptian government, international agencies or foreign governments in various domains of agriculture, the affiliated General Dept. of the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA), performs as well, its role in the planning, implementation and follow-up of training programs.

  • Receiving scholarship grants of abroad training and studies and perform measures of nomination, selection and delegation out of the employees of the agricultural sector, by conforming to the grants provided by governments or international agencies or in compliance to agreements and protocols in effect.
  • Collection, processing and publishing of data, information and literature on agriculture in foreign countries, and issuance of publications introducing the Egyptian agriculture and its deliverables.

The Central Administration for Foreign Agricultural Relations performs all such activities in close cooperation and coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation in their capacity as the state authorities entrusted with the development and augmentation of cooperation between Egypt and abroad.