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A Welcome Note To the website of the Foreign Agricultural Relations
Ministry of Agriculture


The aim of this website is to acquaint the public with an up-to-date information on agricultural development cooperation between the Foreign Agricultural Relations Administration of Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture at one hand and the entire foreign agencies and international agricultural organizations at the other hand, also it gives details of international cooperation with various states through bilateral agreements and protocols, conventions and training courses. In addition to the acquaintance with duties of the Foreign Agricultural Relations Central Administration, and its role in the fulfillment of the target objectives of present and future strategies of the Ministry of Agriculture.
This website as well, aims at providing its visitors with a comprehensive and precise overview on major objectives and activities of the Foreign Agricultural Relations in Arabic and English to enable those interested in socioeconomic affairs to access precise information and data which are regularly updated by the concerned website technical staff, reflecting new trends that warrant accuracy and transparency in disclosing information.
we would like to welcome your visit to the FAR website and wish you a fruitful navigation tour across our WebPages which are specially designed for your sake to serve your various purposes. We shall be most delighted to receive your remarks and views which would aid us in the continuous development of this website to attain our aim in providing the best possible service and creating continuous dialogues with our virtual visitors interested in the domains and activities of the Foreign Agricultural Relations.